01dB Acoustic Camera

June 23, 2015

01dB introduces Noise Inspector, the best solution for acoustic cameras, developed by his partner CAE Software and Systems. Powerful and flexible, Noise Inspector offers an accurate, fast and smart technology for sound source localization. With great ease of system setting up, sound and vibration emissions becomes quickly visible in real-time. Furthermore the software is easy to use for non-specialists and offers great functionality for professionals. The results are acoustic images or movies, easy to interpret for everybody, and easy to communicate. Noise Inspector is the perfect mobile tool to help you determine dominant sound sources in the Environment, improve your product quality, minimize development time and to save your resources. The system guarantees precise and uncomplicated determination of acoustic sources, also convinces through its really low costs.

01dB launches the new FUSION and CUBE Smart Noise and Vibration Monitors

January 28, 2014

FUSION Smart Sound & Vibration Analyzer is the most innovative sound level meter/analyzer of the market.

Simply unique, this high tech cocktail comes along with several functions developed to simplify your work day by day and optimize your productivity. FUSION shows exceptional performance for noise measurement associated to unique characteristics: built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and 3G...

Moreover, vibration measurement with a three-axis wireless sensor synchronized with acoustic measurement is proposed on a sound level meter as a world “Première".

CUBE Smart Noise Monitoring Terminal is the most versatile noise monitoring station of the market.

Designed for all monitoring applications, CUBE offers unique characteristics: easy integration, perfect measurements performance, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and 3G … Dedicated functions like push mode or advanced detection of events allow CUBE enhance the efficiency in managing your monitoring projects.

Concentrate on the analysis of your data, CUBE takes care of everything.

DUO NNR Smart Noise Nuisance Recorder

September 25, 2013

DUO NNR Smart Noise Nuisance Recorder
The ultimate web based noise nuisance recorder

The DUO NNR represents the latest generation of noise nuisance recorders. With unrivalled capability it will revolutionise noise nuisance recording and complaint management. Designed specifically for, local authority environmental health professionals, housing officers and housing association officers.
DUO NNR has an inbuilt 3G modem allowing access to the internet for live viewing of data, data downloading and live listening. Access the DUO NNR from any web browser anywhere in the world using smart phone, tablet or PC.
DUO NNR has a revolutionary all in one design allowing rapid and discreet installation. The system comes with a rucksack, tripod and single button remote control. Operation is simplicity itself, just supply power and the DUO NNR automatically starts recording.
DUO NNR allows the user to view live data direct from the meter and record audio or mark events remotely, from any web enabled device. Operators can phone the DUO NNR and listen live to noisy events. When the complainant makes an audio recording a text alert is issued to any recipient to warn of a noisy event. This allows the officer to determine if enough evidence has been collected. Noise data and audio can be downloaded remotely at any time without stopping the measurement.


October 19, 2012

DUO Smart Noise Monitor just goes from strength to strength. Acoustic1 and ACOEM are really proud to have been part of London 2012.
Using meteorological sensors from Vaisala and the new DUO weather monitoring firmware. The DUO continuously monitored wind gust speed at 15 geographically separate locations.
One second gust data was continuously measured and viewed live via a simple web browser. Three advanced trigger levels were used to warn of wind level exceedances.
Text and e-mail alerts were used as the primary warning system with detailed wind speed time histories available for post analysis.
Please click on photo to see the schematic

ACOEM the New name for 01dB-Metravib

October 18, 2012

if you haven't heard ACOEM is the new name for 01dB-Metravib.

ACOEM offers comprehensive products and services comprising smart monitoring, diagnosis and solutions, drawing upon its unique expertise in the field of vibrations and acoustics.
ACOEM contributes to the improvement of :

o quality of life and risk prevention in urban and industrial environments
o productivity and the reliability of industrial processes
o the design of robust and high-performance products with low noise levels
o protection of sites, vehicles and people in hostile environments

With its 01dB, Metravib and OneProd brands, ACOEM works with decision-makers in industry, defence and the environment throughout the world.

Look out for the new branding