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Fusion NNR: 

Noise Nuisance Recorder

The ultimate cloud based noise nuisance recorder

FUSION NNR  represents the latest generation of noise nuisance recorders. With unrivalled capability it will revolutionise noise nuisance recording and complaint management. Designed specifically for, local authority environmental health professionals, housing officers and housing association officers


The ultimate cloud based noise nuisance recorder



class 1 IEC 61672 built-in preamplifier



automatic calibrator detection advanced acoustic indicators remote control text message notification of acoustic events text message notification in the event of operation problems



24-hour autonomy 2 to 128 GB SD memory card metrological audio recording


Built in 4G Modem

built-in Wi-Fi built-in 4G modem (optional) LAN interface built-in GPS antenna



add the DMK01 weather protection system and environmental case for external measurements BS4142 compliant

Main features

nnr spectrum.jpg
nnr time history_edited_edited.jpg

Fusion NNR: Key features

FUSION NNR is an IEC 61672 Class 1 solution, delivered with its calibration certificate. FUSION NNR can be used for measurements in the two reference directions 0° or 90° (with the DMK01 unit),  ideal for internal noise nuisance recording and external noise measurements such as BS4142. The key features are:

  • web access via 4G modem

  • view live data online

  • listen live to audio remotely

  • text alerting on audio trigger

  • easy automated start

  • automated calibration

AUDIO Recording .WAV or MP3

FUSION NNR has advanced audio recording options and can either use uncompressed .wav 24bit or MP3

 it includes:

  • Large data storage capacity to 1Tb SD card

  • .WAV or MP3

  • Pre-trigger

  • Easy to use wired remote control

  • Selectable sampling frequency

  • Audio timer in parallel to manual start

  • Trigger audio on level in parallel to manual and timer

  • Playback in sync with detailed time history in dBTRAIT

Advanced indicators

FUSION NNR includes many standard functions including:

  • The option to set a level threshold to trigger an action (coding, audio recording…)

  • The recording of advanced indicators like sliding Leq dose, sliding statistics, fast integration down to 20ms

  • Advanced triggering 5 triggers with 5 metrics per trigger with and/or function

Easy Data Analysis: dBTRAIT and dBFA

Easy and powerful data analysis with the dBTRAIT software. Playback the audio in real time whilst measuring the noise levels from the detailed time history in dBTRAIT. Gives excellent and accurate between sound levels and noise levels for accurate assessments. nvestigate spectral issues with dBFA and easily assess BS4142 tonality and impulsivity

Calibration and verification

To simplify the installation of FUSION NNR on site, a function for the automatic detection of a calibration acoustic source allows the performance of a calibration and adjustments without the user needing to do anything more than switch the device on.
Furthermore, to ensure proper operation, an integrated measurement-chain verification system performs periodic checks. Electrical verification allows the testing of the entire measurement chain, including the microphone. 


In addition to its technical performance, FUSION NNR has numerous optional accessories to facilitate day-to-day use:

  • handle

  • DMK01 outdoor microphone unit

  • DSC01 outdoor weatherproof case (up to 16 days use)

  • interface with weather station (two or six sensors)

Fusion NNR Technical
Data Sheet
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