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Fusion 4G

Class 1 4G Sound Level Meter

Fusion™ by Acoem is the only IEC 61672 Class 1 sound level meter/analyser on the market with a built-in 4G modem and your choice of trigger, advanced indicators, aircraft indicators and push data options.

With Fusion 4G, conduct all your measurements — environmental, buildings and/or monitoring with one compact and reliable device.


Fusion 4G the powerful 4G sound level meter for all your noise monitoring requirements



A Type Approved Sound Level Meter



Built-in WIFI, 4G, GPS, LAN interface



High-definition full colour interface, 3-key silent keyboard



Designed for environment, building acoustics, vibration, and Health & safety measurements



Advanced triggers, advanced acoustic indicators, synchronized encoding



Weather station, outdoor microphone, External camera



Control your communication, sms, 4G, LAN, WIFI, Cadence compatible



Authenticated and encrypted communication with Cadence

Crossing the Finish Line


FUSION is the best seller of its range and continues to be improved

Main features

Stay connected with 4G FUSION

Fusion 4G is designed to give you full control of your communications:

  • Enhanced connectivity

  • Fast transmission speeds

  • Remote access control measurement settings

  • Download digitised acoustic, metrological and vibration data

  • Data displayed in real time

  • Listen to audio in real time

  • Record audio & video of events (external camera required)

  • Receive SMS notifications if thresholds are exceeded.

Even More Powerful

In addition to its built-in modem, Fusion 4G is equipped with many standard functions like:

  • A simple trigger module lets you set an event detection filter

  • Advanced indicators like sliding Leq dose, PNL, PNLT

  • Push data automatically sends accurate data to a server

  • Remote control & connection to our Acoem WebMonitoring service.

Optimize your investment

We understand that you want the best monitoring technology available today and the ability to maximise your return on investment. We’ve integrated 4G into the Fusion to make your life easier with no data or connectivity loss — no matter where you are. As communication technology evolves, Acoem will always have an upgrade path ready to enhance your instrument, adding extra years to the working life of your trusted monitoring equipment.

For Acoem customers who already own a Fusion with 3G connectivity, a retrofit upgrade to 4G is available now. Fusion 4G is available in 3 versions — Logger, Analyser and Expert, making it the most accessible and connected sound level meter on the market.

Acoem ecosystem

We design our noise and vibration monitoring instruments on a single ecosystem to facilitate greater inter-connectivity between devices, components and data solution software. With the same integrated keyboard and intuitive web interface, each instrument uses identical data processing software. This improves productivity and makes it simple to operate — with adaptable features and accessories shared across OrionFusion and Cube.

This complementary and harmonised system is part of our commitment to “do more with less.”

Guaranted metrology

Certified for use in countries throughout the world, the Fusion 4G is an IEC 61-672 class 1 solution. During an acoustic measurement, the measured sources are generally multiple with a varied position with respect to the measurement point (ground transportation, aircraft, industrial sources, construction sites etc.).
Fusion 4G can be used for measurements in both 0° and 90° reference directions (with a DMK01 unit).

Calibration and verification

To simplify on-site installation, Fusion has a function for the automatic detection of a calibration acoustic source which lets you calibrate and adjust the instrument without doing anything more than switching on the device.

An integrated measurement-chain verification system also performs periodic checks automatically. Electrical verification tests the entire measurement chain, including the microphone by injecting an alternating sinusoidal load on the microphone’s terminals at the selected frequencies, at one or two levels. The principle is to read reference values and check the deviation with respect to other measured values over time.

Events module

Fusion incorporates a highly sophisticated event-detection filter system — from the simplest to the most complex configuration. You can define an event and set a trigger that can be programmed over a maximum of 24 time periods. All parameters (overall level, spectral level, sliding Leq, meteorological parameters, etc.) stored at the logging interval instantaneously can be used to define the trigger. Each event can be activated by day of the week and can trigger different actions — digital coding, recording of an audio signal (WAV), video recording (using an external camera) — triggering of a parallel recording with a faster logging interval, sending of a customised text message, etc.

Wireless vibration

Cables reduce operational efficiency, so Fusion eliminates them completely. Wireless three-axis vibration measurement is now available on a sound level meter for the first time. The three vibrational signals are recorded at the same time as the metrological audio recording and acoustic indicators (instantaneous and spectral). All these measurements can be processed directly using Acoem software programs — dBTrait and dBFA. Innovative, simple and above all extremely effective!

Building Module

The “Building Acoustics” module of Fusion was developed to improve the productivity of building acoustics technicians when measuring the acoustic performance of buildings. It offers the following key features:

  • View test results on your full-colour Fusion 4G screen

  • Start or stop a measurement via your web interface

  • Eliminate noise in your measurement in dBInside

  • Calculate ratings according to ISO 16283 standards

  • Receive updates about new dBInside versions

  • Modify measurement types

  • Trial dBInside is complimentary with the viewer

DMK01 external unit

If you require an external microphone line to be used with your Fusion, we recommend the DMK01 which features:

  • Robust stainless-steel body

  • Specific preamplifier & spike let you reuse the microphone supplied with Fusion

  • Specific anti-wind shield

  • A dummy microphone to protect Fusion when the microphone is removed.

Weather interface

With Fusion, you can interface with the VAISALA WXT536 (six sensors) and WXT532 (two sensors) stations. Acoem chose these two stations because neither features moving parts, averting the risk of mechanical malfunction due to freezing temperatures or wear.

The weather station and Fusion share a power supply with a 10-metre cable connecting the two units, giving you increased flexibility when installing the system. Meteorological data is stored on the Fusion system and transmitted in the same way as acoustic data (WiFi, 4G modem, USB cable, etc.). The logging interval for meteorological data is a multiple of the acoustic logging interval. Using the remote interface, you can view the wind speed and direction (and additional weather data) in real time.

Environmental case

In addition to exceptional technical performance, Fusion comes with numerous accessories that will may your day-to-day use easier:

  • Handle

  • DMK01 outdoor microphone unit

  • DSC01 autonomous (up to 30 days) & fully weatherproof case

  • Interface with weather station (two or six sensors)

  • TM01 tapping machine

  • Omnidirectional & directional noise sources.

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