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ACT400 and Cadence

ACT-400: Acoustic Connect Terminal

The Acoustic Connect Terminal (ACT-400) is the newest addition to Acoem’s suite of noise monitoring terminals, sensors and meters. It combines the precision of a Class 1 sound level meter with the maximum protection of an outdoor kit and full connectivity via the Cadence™ noise management system as well as other open-source platforms.

Cadence: Noise monitoring and management solution

A major step forward in secure, flexible & affordable noise monitoring, Cadence™ is the result of our desire to do more with less. A total noise monitoring & controlling management system, it continually improves noise monitoring technology, breaks down barriers to entry and shortens the path between monitoring and informed action.


Act 400

Fusion 4G & Cube 4G

Fusion 4G: Class 1 4G weatherproof sound level meter

Fusion™ IEC 61672 Class 1 sound level meter/analyser with a built-in 4G modem. it is weatherproof so can be used externally with no environmental case for longer term measurements or use our bespoke environmental case with 16 day batteries for shorter term measurements.

CUBE 4G: Noise monitoring terminal

Cube™ features 4G mobile connectivity built in with external aerials for GSM, Wifi and GSM. Ideal for long term or permanent noise monitoring terminals to ensure 1st class communications. With detailed logging and advanced triggering it's the ideal choice for permanent or semi-permanent installations.

Smart Building Acoustics Solution & dBInside software

Smart Building Acoustics Solution: Building acoustics solution

The Smart Building Acoustics Solution enables building acoustics technicians to enhance their productivity in the field and also in the office. The Acoem solution includes an embedded module in a sound level meter (FUSION), dBInside software running on a PC, a sound source and a tapping machine (LS02, TM01, etc.).

dBInside software: Building acoustics

dBInside is a post-processing software program dedicated to sound insulation and reverberation time measurements performed with sound level meters FUSION Smart Noise & Vibration Analyzer. It takes into account international standards (ISO 717, ISO 140, etc.). It is fully suited to building acoustics applications: sound insulation between rooms, acoustic correction for a room, equipment noise…


Webmonitoring: Cloud service for environmental monitoring

The WebMonitoring 4.1 version is a simple and efficient solution for environmental noise and vibration monitoring.

Orion & dB4 Smart Vibration Monitoring

ORION: Vibration monitoring terminal

ORION is the new addition to the 01dB monitoring range, covering all vibrations created by human activity. Taking the best features from CUBE and ORION offers unique features for vibration monitoring.

dB4 with dBTRIG: four channel analyser for noise and vibration

dB4 with dBTRIG is a flexible PC based noise and vibration measurement system. The four channel analyser can accept a variety of different sensor types using BNC connections for synchronous measurements, ideal for impact testing and transfer functions. Allows for a combination of sensors such as accelerometers and noise sensors at the same time

Fusion NNR: Noise Nuisance Recorder

Fusion NNR: Noise Nuisance Recorder 

The ultimate cloud based noise nuisance recorder

FUSION NNR  represents the latest generation of noise nuisance recorders. With unrivalled capability it will revolutionise noise nuisance recording and complaint management. Designed specifically for, local authority environmental health professionals, housing officers and housing association officers

Fusion SLM: Low cost SLM

Fusion SLM: Sound level meter IEC 61672 standard

FUSION SLM is the perfect sound level meter to start working with Acoem and discover the power of our products. It includes many FUSION 4G functions at a reasonable cost and efficiently responds to most acoustic measurements (environment, work, buildings…). It’s scalable and can communicate with its 4G modem option. It comes as standard with dBTrait Viewer software for the simple and efficient processing of your data.

Noise radar

Noise radar: An innovative approach to fighting traffic noise pollution

Road and traffic noise generated by vehicles is the number one source of unwanted noise exposure that communities face on a daily basis, especially in urban environments. Excessive and repeated noise, emitted from car or truck brakes, tyres, acceleration, loud engines or modified exhaust pipes has, until now, been difficult to police as it involves identifying the origin at an exact time and place. But what if there was an easy automated system that would allow authorities to not only detect unwanted noise levels, but pinpoint the exact vehicle that was responsible and issue an infringement to the perpetrator? Our solution is the Acoem Noise Radar.

Software: dBTRAIT & dBFA

dBTrait software: Data processing

dBTrait is a high-performance software program for the post-processing of acoustic, vibration and meteorological data gathered using the following 01dB data collection systems:  FUSIONCUBEORION and associated with dBTrig.

dBFA Software: Signal file data processing with BS4142 Tonality and Impulsivity Calculators

dBFA is a high performance, highly flexible signal analysis software for post processing .wav files for noise and vibration parameter output. It includes multiple operators for processing noise or vibration signals e.g. 1/1 to 1/48th octave, narrow band FFT, transfer functions, signal editing

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