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Acoustic1 is a leading provider of smart noise and vibration monitoring instruments in the UK . Incorporated in 2007 we supply for sale or hire the 01dB brand of noise and vibration measurement instruments from Acoem. The instruments have cutting-edge technologies  in built for excellent communications such as 4G, Wifi, LAN for cloud based services or direct connection. The instrumentation meets the highest standards of metrology and are approved for use worldwide.  Acoustic1 can help with bespoke noise, vibration and air quality monitoring solutions and assist in installation and management of your project. Get in touch today to learn more.


Easy to Use and High Specfication

Meet the smart meters

The smart noise and vibration meters are extremely easy to set up and use. Reducing installation errors and ensuring that all the required data is captured. Fusion, Cube , ACT400 and Orion will automatically record all the noise & vibration metrics that you will ever need. Configurations are saved an easy recalled on the meter. Measurement can be started automatically. All the meters have 3G or 4G communications as standard enabling direct remote log in to the meters. No cloud subscription required. The data is securely stored on the meter.


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